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I was born and raised in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Though it’s the smallest state of Mexico, it is also the heart of it.  The culture is vibrant as it is known for its street fairs, the arts, and of course – food. 


I’ve always loved food, and growing up, my friends and I would go visit street vendors every weekend to try different authentic Mexican street food: street tacos, tortas, elotes, etc.  When I came to Texas and started working in the restaurant industry, I noticed the lack of authentic Mexican food and a dire need for it.  Real street food.  I learned to cook my favorite dishes – the very same ones I grew up eating – and started to dream about opening up my own restaurant business to share what I know and love.


Rudy’s Kitchen has been family owned and operated since 2015 with the mission of sharing our food and culture of authentic, Mexican, street food.


                                                      - Rudy Martinez

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